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"I Believe God Fall Conference" September 14th thru 16th, 2017



Registration For Our 2016-2017 School Year Is Now In Session

 We Are So very Proud of our School Affiliation with:  

(1). Ruach School of Theology, Port Arthur, Tx.  For More Infor. Contact:  Dr. Glenn Alexander @ (409) 749-0136 or Dr. Yoshie Alexander @ (409) 749-4452 or Email: Classes Are Held Monthly / The Last Thur. & Friday 

(2). The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Lake Charles, La. Will Resume Their School on August 2nd and 3rd.  For More Information Contact:  Dr. Russell Benoit @ (337) 239-3144 or Email:LordsOutreach@aol.com  

(3). Holy Bible Faith Center, Beaumont, Tx. Will Begin Their School on August 27th.  For More Infor. Contact:  Dr. Yolanda Duriso @ (409) 455-9433 Email:   

(4). LoSot School of Theology, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. There Classes are held at the Mirana Bay Resort on the 1st. Thur. & Friday Monthly  For more Registration Information Contact:  Dr. Russell Benoit @ (337) 249-3144  Email:, or Dr. Cathy Nelson @ (850) 368-6703

(5). Christian Church School of Theology, Port Arthur, Tx. There Classes are held on the Last Monday & Tuesday Monthly.  For more Info. Contact: Dr. James & Roz Queen @ (409) 548-5143 or (409) 365-4233 or Email:

(6). Nehimiah School of Theology, Geismer, La. There Classes are held on the 3rd Monday & Tuesday of each Month.  For more Info. Contact: Pas. Warren Richard @ (225) 921-3929 or (225) 329-8589 Email:

(7). Soul's Harvest School of Theology, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Their Classes are held on the 3rd Thursday & Friday Monthly.  For more Info. Contact: Dr. Fred Marshall @ (954) 559-3284 or Dr. Carolyn Marshall @ (954) 483-5502 or email them @  Email:, or Vaceil Derico @

(8). Seed of Faith School of Theology, Woodville, Tx. Their Classes are held on the 1st Monday & Tuesday of each month.  For More Info. Contact Rev. Reginald Williams @ (409) 926-7203 or Mrs. Shagala Williams @ (409) 926-7531 or email them at 

(9).  Dorcas School of Theology, Alexandria, La. Will Resume Their Clases are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  For more Info. Contact: Dr. Shelia Waddy @ (318) 792-6898 or email them @

(10). Redeeming Light Bible Training Center, County Rd 288., Richwood, Tx. 76515, Will Resume Their School Starting on Aug. 11th. and Every 2nd Thursday and Friday of each month.  For More Info. Contact Rev. Evelyn Spears @ (318) 614-6432 or email them @


                                                  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT     

1.  2017 GRADUATION IS JUNE 16, 2017 @ Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, La @ 6:00 pm - THE PUBLIC IS INVITED

2.  January:  Dr. Benoit & Rev. Leona will travel to Universal Church of the Living God, in Beaumont, TX.  on Jan. 14 thru 16th @ 7pm nightly. for a BIG MIRACLE REVIVAL 

3.  February: The Lord's Outreach will sponsor a Big Miracle Rivival with Bishop Sammy L. Huff, from Detroit, Michigan on Feb. 4th Thru. 6th.  Come Out and Get Your Blessing

4.  March:  The Lord's Outreach will sponsor a Big Miracle Revival with Bishop Fred & Carolyn Marshall from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. on March 11th Thru. 13th.  Come and Be Blessed

5.  April:  The Lords Outreach Church will sponsor a Big Miracle Revival with Drs. Lloyd & Louisa Austin, from Beaumont, Tx.  on April 15th Thru. 17th.  Come Out & Get Your Blessing

6.  May:    

7.  June:  Dr. R. Benoit will be traveling to Faith Tabernacle Church, Mevindale, Michigan, to conduct a Big Miracle Revival.  Starting on June 3rd Thru. 5th of June.  Come Out and Be Blessed.

8.  July:  LoSot Teachers Training Seminar will be @ our Home Office on July 23, 2016 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

     a.  Pastors Appreciation Banquet is Set For August 6th at The Event Center, Located on Oak Park Blvd. & 1st Ave., Lake Charles, La. 70601.                           Tickets Are On Sale Now. RSVP Your Today for $30.00 Each.                                                   

9.  August:  Our Pastors Dr. Russell and Rev. Leona Benoit, Will be Celebrating their 28th Annual Pastors Appreciation @ 3PM on August 14th, 2016.  Please come and celebrate with us on this wonderful occasion.

10. September:  LOWC Will be sponoring THE I BELIEVE GOD Annual CONFERENCE on Sept. 15th Thru 17th @ The Holiday Inn & Suites, 2940 Lake Street, Lake Charles, La. Registration @ 5 to 6 pm and General Assembly at 7 pm nightly.  Friday's Workshops from 8:30 am to 2pm.  General Assembly at 7:pm.  Saturday Morning Workshops and a Special Noon Time Prophetic Luncheon.  Registration Fee is $30.00 which includes the Luncheon.  Come Out and be with Us, YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

11.  October:  12th Thru 14th - Big Miracle Revival with Pastor James Newton from Miami, Florida

12.  November:  24th ----- We Celebrate Thankgiving - Praise be to our God 

13.  December:  25th -----  We Celebrate Christmas --- Praise be to our God



1.  On August 10th thru 12th, We will Host a Big Miracle Revival with Bishop Sammy Huff, from Faith Tabernacle in Detroit Michigan.  Come and be Bless of the the Lord as this Power Man of God, Preaches and move in the office of a Prophet.  You will be Bless.

SEPTEMBER EVENTS:                                                   

1.  I Believe God Conference - Sept. 15th thru 17th.  Contact: Rev. Leona Benoit/ Hostess @ (337) 249-7395 or Email:

2.  On October 17th, Dr. Russell Benoit will be Preaching @ Love Mission Full Gospel Fellowship on Rosedale Drive, Port Allen, La.  For more Info. Call (337) 249-3144

3.  On October 16th thru 18th, Pastor Newton will be Preaching a Revival @ The Lord's Outreach Church.  Come Celebrate with us.


1.  On November 7th thru 9th, will be Conducting a 3 night Miracle Revival at our, The Lord's Outreach Family Worship, Located 401 S. Martin Luther King Hwy., Lake Charles, La. Come, Bring the Lost, Sick.

3.  On November 15th, Dr. Russell & Leona Benoit Will Be Celebrating Their 19th Wedding Anniversary.  Please Pray for them.

December Events: 

1.  In December We Will Be Celebrating Jesus Birthday All Month Long

2.  On December 5th thru 7th, Dr. Russell Benoit will be Preaching at Faith Tabernacle Church in Detroit, Michigan.  Come God Will Bless You.

3.  Watchout for Our Annual Christmas Banquet.

4.  Our 2017 Calender will be updated in December 2016

  In 2016-2017, We Will Be Preparing God's People For Heaven

Here We Are Praising God

All Of The Time!



Make preparations now to join us for our 2017 Cruise.  Dates and Places will be announce when we book the Cruise.  Call (337) 249-7395 or (337) 249-3144 For more information. Call Now.



June 16th, 2017 at 6:00 PM at The Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, La.

For More Info: Contact:  Dr. Russell Benoit @ (337) 249-3144

The public is invited to come to this wonderful event.