"I Believe God Fall Conference" 2017

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WE'RE ISSUING A SPECIAL ALERT For THE SAINTS Of GOD In THIS AGE             You have heard of the dispensation of the Grace of God which is given me to you:  How that by Revelation, He made know unto me the Mystery: (as I wrote afore in few Words, whereby, when we read, ye may Understand my Knowledge in the mystery of Christ).  Which in other Ages was not made Know unto the sons of men, as it is now Revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets BY THE SPIRIT.  Ephesians 3:2-5.

We Believe That God Has Got A Blessing Just For You!

Hotel Accommadation Can Be Made At: Holiday Inn & Suites, 2670 Lake Street., Lake Charles, La. 70601-- Ph: (337) 310-7700, Ask for Loretta Harris, The Manager --- For Special Rates, Mention "I Believe God Conference", Other Hotel Accommadations can be made at The Best Western Hotel, Located on Hwy. 171 North, Lake Charles, La.

Conference Registration Packages:

Conference Registration Only--$30.00 Per Person -  No Exceptions -  This Fee Includes Our Prophetic Luncheon       

Total Packages Are:

Room Rate Is ----------------- $128.00 Plus Tax Per Room 

Registration Fees Must Be Paid On Or Before September 1st , To Get Special Rate

Room Reservations, Must Be Made On Or Before September 1st To Get Special Rate

Note: $10.00 Will Be Added To All Late Registration

--------Please Mail All Registration To:  --------The I Believe God Conference  P.O. Box 16423, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70616



1.    6:00 to 6:45 pm  -  Registration and Greeting 

2.    7:00 to 7:30 pm  -  Opening Prayer        

3.    Exhorter             -  Evang. Martha Spell                          Silsbee, Tx.  

4.    Exhorter             -  Evang. Pat Lacy                               LOWC, Lake Charles, La   

4.    Guest Speaker    -  Dr. Warren D. Richard                        Galilee M.B. Church, Baton Rouge, La.

          FRIDAY MORNING SEPT. 15th

 Prayer & Praise and Worship Time                                         LOWC - Praise Team 

1.   Workshop Speaker #1                     Evangelist Pat Lacy  -  Lords Outreach, Lake Charles, La.

2.   Workshop Speaker #2                    Dr. Veronica McDowell    -  God's Church, Lecompte, La.

3.   Workshop Speaker #3                    Evangelist Martha Spell   -  Silbee, Tx.



1.   7:00 pm Opening Prayer

2.   7:15 pm Praise and Worship                                              LOWC / and Evangelist Pat Lacy

3.   Special Selection                                                           Evangelist Connie Majors and Evangelist Pat Lacy  

4.   Exhorter                            Evangelist Veronica McDowell - God's Church, Alexandria

5.   Exhorter                            Pastor Louisa Austin - Universal Church of the Living God

6.   (Key Speaker)                         Prophetess Ida Ulrich  -  Quicking Word Church, Houston, TX.



1.   8:30 TO 9:00 am - Praise and Worship -                            (Inviting The Holy Spirit Into Our Meeting)

      9:00 AM Our Power House Speakers Are: 

2.   Power House Speaker #1 -            Pastor Randy Mingo  -  Solomon's Temple, Lake Charles, La.

3.   Power House Speaker #2 -          Pastor Diane Daphney - Houston, Tx.

4.   Power House Solo By  -              Minister Genesis Green - DeRidder, La.

5.   Power House Solo By  -           Evangelist Connie Majors - Community Bapist Church, Lake Charles, La.

6.   Power House Speaker #3 -            Pastor Sheila Waddy - God's Church, LeCompte, La.

7.   Power House Speaker #4 -          Pastor Alberta Landry - Christ Outreach Ministries, Beaumont, Tx.  

8.   Prophetic Luncheon - (Key Speaker)                             Bishop Richard Frank - Ville Platte, Louisiana

9.   Benediction and Dismissal -                                                  Dr. Russell and Rev. Leona C. Benoit


"A Sister Is Seen Here Receiving Prayer and a Word from the Lord"

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Your Host:  Overseer Dr. Leona C. Benoit                 is the Founder of The Lord's Outreach Intl. Ministries,     401 South Martin Luther King Hwy. Lake Charles, La.       She can be reached at (337) 249-7395.


At Last Year's Conference, Many People Got Healed

Faith Comes By Hearing and Hearing from the Word of God.  It Is Your Faith That Will Move God and Not Your Emotions.  Have Faith In God, and He Will Give You Your Hearts Desires.  Dr. R. Benoit

Come We Will Lay Hands and Speak The Word of God In Your Life!

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