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Dr. Russell J. Benoit, Th.D, DM, Ccc, is a native of Carencro, Louisiana and has been in the ministry for over 35 years.  He is a Board Certified Christian Councelor that Graduated from The Therepon Counseling Institute, of Houston, Tx., he has earned a BA from Christian Life School of Theology, Columbus, Ga., a Doctorates Degree in Ministry, from Lake Charles Bible College, Lake Charles, La., and a Doctorate Degree in Theology, from The Lord's Outreach School of Theology. He is an Honorably Discharged, US Air Force Viet Nam Veteran. He has served as an Associated Pastor of The Opelousas Family Worship Center, Opelousas, La., He is a Gospel Recording Artist, He is currently the Senior Pastor and Vice President of The Lord's Outreach Ministries Inc., he is the Director and General Manager of The Lord's Place "A Shelter for the Homeless Men, he is also a local Business man, a husband and Father of 4 Biological and 4 Adopted Children. 

Dr. Benoit is careful to give the Lord Jesus Christ all the Praise, Glory and Honor for his Accomplishment.  In addition, he believes that the Lord has given him this ministry to Help Get People Back in Touch with God!  In All, he is proud to be a servant to both God and man. 



Graduation This Year Was A Big Success, Even though we did not have a formal Graduation due To the Coronavirus. Our next years Graduation will be June 4th, 2021. We want to give our Lord Jesus Christ, All of the Glory. We are looking forward to an exciting new semester starting in early August 2020. Please Register Now to Avoid any Late Fees.


The Lord's Outreach School of Theology is a subsiduary of The Lord's Outreach Ministry Inc. It was founded in August 1998 by Dr. Russell J. Benoit, Th.D.,Ccc.  The idea of a Christian School started when Dr. Benoit wanted to introduce his Church members to a higher level of Christian education, which he himself had recieved in his ministry training.  He started his first classes in the form of a Bible Study.  After one year, it grew and later the students began to ask about having a formal graduation.  In 1999 The Lord's Outreach School of Theology was Certified and Licensed by the State of Louisiana Board of Regency as an Independent Religious Institution and became a legal school.  In 2001 we became a Fully Accredited Member of (TAC) Transworld Accrediting Commission, who provides accreditation and insures that our school meets the utmost and proffesional Christian Education Monitoring.  We are also a member in good standing with The Association of Christian Clergy.  Truly the Lord is in this School because we are entering our 21st year and have graudated over 2,500 students, which includes 350 Pastors, 250 Evangelist, and 1,900 plus Minister with Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors, Associates or Ministers Degrees.  All of which have gone on to be a blessing in their respective congregations and Communities.  We Also Do Our Very Best To Accommadate All of Our Veterans.  For that we give our Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ all the Glory.

The School's Mission and Vision is Simple:  According to 2 Timothy 2:15 which says "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not being ashamed but correctly Dividing the Word of Truth.  We aim to teach young ministers that have a definite calling from God to "Fight Spiritual Terror", by teaching them how to correctly interpret the Deep Truths that is found in Word of God, in its simplicity, in an effort to win the Lost Souls. 


Because of of the high cost of Seminaries and Christian Academies, it is becoming harder and harder for most young ministers to attend a well trained learning facility that is anointed and equipped to teach God's Word properly.  We have taken that burden off of the Pastors or Students that wants to advance their ministry by getting properly educated and  obtaining the degree of their choice, by eliminating the hustle and bustle of driving far away from home to attend school.  Our Institution will bring the School to your local Church and teach each class on a Seminar Style. We teach these Accredited Courses two nights per month from 7pm to 10pm and on SATURDAYS ALL DAY SESSONS from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Upon successfully completing each course, the students will receive 3 college credit hours toward their specific degree.  In addition to the above, the most important advantage is that the Local Pastor will have an opportunity to view the course materials that is being thought to his members, so that there will be no conflicts in doctrinal or denominational teaching, because we do not teach any doctrine except the doctrine of Jesus Christ and Him Cruficied.

The School's Home Office is located:  at 1218 Oak Park Blvd. in Lake Charles, La. 70601 

Since 1998 we have opened Schools at: Liberty Bible College, Shilo Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont, Tx., Helps Outreach Worship Center in Shreveport, La., NorFast School of Theology, Defuniak Springs, Fl., Trinity Deliverance School of Theology, Marianna, Fl., Mercy Seat School of Theology, Fort Walton Beach, Fl., Ruach School of Theology, Port Arthur, Tx., Big Thicket School of Theology, Big Thicket, Tx., Christian School of Theology, Springs, Tx., Christian Church School of Theology, Port Arthur, Tx.

A LIST OF OUR Current and Former Schools Are: 

(1) Holy Bible Faith Center, Beaumont, Texas

(2) LoSot Correspondent School of Theology - ONLINE 

(3) Redeeming Light Bible Center, Richwood, Texas

(4) Dorcas School of Theology, Alexandria, Louisiana

(5) Nehemiah #1 School of Theology, Geisma, Louisiana

(6) Nehemiah #2 School of Theology, Springfield, Louisiana

(7) Soul's Harvest School of Theology @ Hallandale, Florida

(8) Norfast School of Theology @ Defuniak Springs, Florida   

(9) The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Lake Charles, Louisiana

(10) The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

(11)The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

(12) Seed of Faith School of Theology, Woodville, Texas

(13) Liberty Bible College, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

(14) Ruach School of Theology, Port Arthur, Texas

(15) Christian Church School of Theology, Port Arthur, Texas

(16) Christian School of Theology, Houston, Texas

(17) Trinity School of Theology, Marianna, Florida

(18) Trinity School of Theology, Port Arthur, TX.

(19) Keys to The Kingdom of God School of Theology, Houston, TX.


 Our International Mission School: 

(1) Nakaru, Kenya, East Africa,

(2) The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Monrovia, Liberia, W. Africa.

(3) The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, Benin City, Nigeria, W. Africa  

(4) We are Currently working on opening More Schools in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas & Florida.

.About Our Teaching Program? 

This Year's Teachers Seminar Will Be Held on July 11, 2020 @ 1218 Oak Park Blvd., Lake Charles, Louisiana. 70601.  Seminar Registration Starts at 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  We Will Be Training Teachers To Assist Us In Teaching our Courses

We have teachers that are being trained daily to meet the needs of future school cells.  If you are anyone in your ministry would like to become one of our teachers, please contact us.  We like to promote within our own, but we are not limited to us alone. Every Teacher that attends will recieve (3) CEU for attending.   If we start a school at your church, we will more than likely select teachers from your school, but we are not limited to just those churches.  Call us if you have an interest.                                                    

          This could very well be a ministry opportunity for youCall Us Today.



Lets us help you get started, we have all the necessary expertise, resources and a trained staff to help you reach your goal.  We will provide all the materials that you need.  All you need is a Deep Desire to Learn More About GOD. 


CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION AT:   P.O. Box 16274, Lake Charles, La. 70616 or Phone Us At: (337) 249-3144, (337) 564-5856       Fax (337) 564-5856 OR  E:MAIL US AT:  LordsOutreach@aol.comAlso see our other school website:  http://www.mytheologyschool.com/. Also Check Us Out at Facebook.com. DONATE TO US @: www.GoFundMe.com/shelterfundraizer

BELOW IS SAMPLE OF OUR CURRENT COURSE CATALOG: WE NOW OFFER ONLINE CLASSES, Please Email Us For Instruction or visit our website: www.MyTheologySchool.com

                     Name of Course                                           A Brief Description                                     Course No.

1.  Spirit, Soul and Body--------------------------------------A Theology of Who We Are-----------------------------NT-701

2.  Declaration of Independence-----------------------------A Study of the Beatitudes------------------------------NT-702

3.  In The Eye of Temptation---------------------------------A Look at the Storms of Life---------------------------NT-703

4.  Son of God, Son of Man ----------------------------------A Theology of Jesus Christ-----------------------------NT-704

5.  Intercessory Prayer---------------------------------------Mediating between God and man----------------------NT-705

6.  The Precious Blood---------------------------------------There is Life in Jesus's Blood----------------------------NT-706

7.  Being Led by the Spirit-----------------------------------How to Walk in the Spirit---------------------------------NT-707

8.  Victory Through Praise-----------------------------------The Power that Lies in Praise---------------------------NT-708

9.  The Parables of Jesus------------------------------------Jesus Speaking in Mysteries-----------------------------NT-709

10. Principles of Prayer--------------------------------------Disecting the Our Father Prayer--------------------------NT-710

11. Hell! Is It Real?------------------------------------------A Scriptural Discription of Hell------------------------------NT-711

12. The Mystic of Human Leadership-----------------------A Study of Leadership-----------------------------------NT-712

13. The New Testament-------------------------------------A Course on the New Testament------------------------NT-713

14. My God, My Father and Me-----------------------------A Study of the Trinity-------------------------------------NT-714

15. The Praying Church-------------------------------------The Power of Corporate Prayer--------------------------NT-715

16. The Christian and Money-------------------------------Christian Financial Stewarship---------------------------NT-716

17. Divisions-------------------------------------------------Their Causes and Consequences------------------------NT-717

18. Heaven, Sweet Home-----------------------------------A Theology of Heaven------------------------------------NT-718

19. First and Second Peter----------------------------------A Study of Church Behavior-----------------------------NT-719

20. Exposing Your Enemy-----------------------------------A Look at satan from the beginning---------------------NT-720

21. Exposing Your Enemy Pt. 2--------------- -------------(Same as above but Advanced)-------------------------NT-721

22. The Book of Hebrews------------------------------------Studying Faith and our High Priest --------------------NT-722

23. The Holy Spirit-------------------------------------------The Third Part of the Godhead----------------------------NT-723

24. A Session in Deliverance--------------------------------A Theology of Demonogogy-----------------------------NT-724

25. Our Covenant of Prosperity-----------------------------A Study of Kingdom Principles--------------------------NT-725

26. Spiritual Leadership Pt. 1-------------------------------A Study of Spiritual Leadership--------------------------OT-726

27. Spiritual Leadership Pt. 2-------------------------------(Same as Above but Advanced)-------------------------OT-727 

28. The Book of Judges--------------------------------------A Look into the life of Gideon---------------------------OT-728

29. The Book of Esther--------------------------------------The Church within the Church----------------------------OT-729

30. The Book of Proverbs -----------------------------------A Study of The Wisdom of God--------------------------OT-730

31. The Book of Job Pt. 1------------------------------------The 1st of 50 Portraits of  Integrity---------------------OT-731

32. The Book of Job Pt. 2------------------------------------The 2nd of 50 Portraits of Integrity---------------------OT-732

33. The Hedge of God----------------------------------------God Protection over His Ma------------------------------OT-733

34. Its Time to Cross the Jordan-----------------------------A Study of Joshua's Journey----------------------------OT-734

35.  The Tabernacle of David---------------------------------A Case Study of on How to Approach God---------OT-735

36.  Prayers That Availeth Much-----------------------------A Comprehensive Approach To Prayer--------------NT-736

37.  The Laws of Recognition----------------------------Recognizing What God has Placed Around Us-------OT-737

38.  A Journey Thru The Book of Genesis---------A Chapter by Chapter Study of The Book of Genesis --OT-740

39.  21 Jezebelic Footprints --------------------------A Comprehensive Study of The Spirit of Jezebeel-------OT-741

40. The Blessing & Curses on Motherhood-----------The Importance of the Blessings of the Father--------OT-742 

Special Note:  We Are Currently Working On Putting These Courses Online:  Please Pray For Its Success.

Dr. Russell J. Benoit, President 

Hosea 4:6 says "The People Perish For A Lack Of Knowledge. Our Goal Here Is To Teach The Children Of God, Who They Really Are In Christ Jesus.